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Understanding Our System

We will attempt to give you an understanding of all of the things mentioned on introduction page about benefits of the app and also app programs and enhancements.



For Passengers:


Action Explanation of Services LEVEL
Trips Required

This means that a passenger must take these many trips in order to get to the next passenger level.  We have three levels (3). Starter Passenger, Preferred Passenger, and Master Rider

24x7 Phone Support

We are here to assist you with LIVE support as well as computer assisted support 24 hours a day

Trip Accessories Request

We allow passenger to make certain request inside of the booking feature that allow for vehicles with car seats availability, when a female driver is preferred,  and vehicles that are handicap accessible.

Trip Fixed Price Option

Many passengers feel that some drivers take the longer route to get from the pick-up to their drop-off location. They expect a certain price because that's the estimate that is given, but end up paying a lot more. This options locks in the fixed rate and eliminates the issues with distance and time increases.

In App SOS Safety List

This is a list that a passenger creates inside of the app that will alert up to 5 people via text message that something is wrong within their current trip

Trip Scheduling Feature

You are able to pre-schedule your trip up to 48 hours in advanced of the travel time.

Wallet System

Passengers are able to add funds to their account through cash or credit and have it deducted from future trips.

Specific Driver Selection

Passengers can select a specific driver to pick them up

Cash Trip Option

Passenger are able to pay for their trips with cash as well as credit cards and wallet methods

5% Trip Discount

Passengers receive and extra 5% discount on all trips

10% Trip Discount

Passengers receive and extra 10% discount on all trips

Going a2b Tab

Passengers are able to take trips and are given the trip on credit.  The cost of the trip would be paid at a later date. All tabs must be settled within the same month.